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Our radio system is compromised of several high level UHF band repeaters placed throughout our membership area. The system utilizes two main linked repeaters for dispatching new incidents, five remote repeaters for local area coverage which includes 2 P25 repeaters, and four simplex frequencies in the UHF radio band. These simplex frequencies are used for car to car communications, as well as on scene communications where repeater coverage is not available or not needed. 

Our repeaters cover Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties. Major Fires, Physical Rescues, and other large scale noteworthy incidents are the target of our radio transmissions.

SCFN members are responsible for purchasing and maintaining their own mobile and portable radio equipment, and for insuring that such equipment conforms with all applicable requirements of the FCC and other governmental agencies. 

Radio system dues are used to pay for repeater rentals, system upgrades, and future technological advances.


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